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A&E at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

On 11th, 12th, and 13th May 2016, Healthwatch visited the Accident and Emergency department (A&E) at Airedale General Hospital.

Our team of staff and volunteers spent 30 hours in the department over the three days, speaking to 142 patients or families.

Read our report to find out more.

Key findings:

  • People said that the reception team provide an excellent service which is efficient, helpful, and friendly when patients first arrive at A&E.
  • The clean bright environment of the new department is appreciated by patients and carers.
  • Many people told us they were pleasantly surprised at the short wait between arriving at A&E and being seen by a nurse for an initial assessment (triage).
  • After triage, many people felt communication and information was less good. People told us that it is frustrating when they don't understand what is happening or how long their wait will be.
  • We received many positive comments about how the 'soft skills' of staff made patients feel cared for and respected.
  • Almost three-quarters of people we spoke to had attended A&E after receiving advice from another source – for example, their GP, 111, or a first-aider at school/work.

Read our report to find out more.

The Trust have responded to our report and will be putting actions in place to address our recommendations.

They are also holding a series of Patient Experience events to get more feedback from the public - the first was in December 2016. Contact Lynsey on 01535 294027 for more information.


Our report on A&E at Airedale

The Trust's response

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