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Autistic spectrum conditions: what we've heard from the public so far

Healthwatch Bradford and District has been contacted directly by several members of the public about their experiences of Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC). Following these comments we decided to speak to more people with ASC, carers, family members and professionals working in this area to gain a fuller understanding of the issues that had been raised. We have compiled a report that details the experiences of the people we've spoken to.  The common themes appear to be:

  • no clear pathway to diagnosis of ASC for either children or adults
  • concerns with the length of time it takes to get diagnosis
  • insufficient support available for people with ASC in the area, especially if they don’t have a learning disability or mental ill health
  • poor understanding of ASC within health services, particularly primary care
  • significant variation in the level of knowledge and understanding of ASC  in schools and nurseries
  • difficulties in transition from children’s services to adults’
  • difficulties in obtaining employment as a result of poor understanding of ASC

Since the publication of the report “Autistic Spectrum Conditions: What we’ve heard so far”, Healthwatch is pleased to learn that there is to be additional funding made available for the Bradford & Airedale Neurodevelopment Service (BANDS) to increase professional capacity with a view to reducing the current waiting list.

Healthwatch would like to state that any information in the report is a replication of what people have said to us, and is not checked for factual accuracy.  

Download the full report below to see what people said.

Findings from the Healthwatch network

The work we've undertaken has helped to inform a national insight briefing from Healthwatch England, which looks at autism services for children and young people.

Children and Young People with Autism: Findings from the Healthwatch Network, published on 30/03/2017, brings together findings by 33 local Healthwatch branches across the country. 



Our report on autistic spectrum conditions

Findings from the Healthwatch network