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Improving people's experience of leaving Eccleshill Community Hospital

Our volunteers carried out a visit to Eccleshill Community Hospital in June 2014, to look at intermediate care services - when patients are ready to be discharged from acute hospital services but need a period of recovery and rehabilitation before they go home.

The volunteers' overall impression of Eccleshill was that it is a good unit with many positive features.

One of our volunteers Yvonne Jardine explains,
"We certainly learned that people valued Eccleshill. They were really delighted with the service there; the staff, the care, the peaceful and quiet environment.

 "But there was some uncertainty, some slight criticism about the fact that they didn't feel they were being fully involved in the planning for discharge. They felt unsure about when they were going to be going home, what was being set up, who was talking to whom. They felt, both patients and carers or relatives we spoke to, that they would have liked to be better informed and more involved in that process."

The volunteers' report following the visit made recommendations that the hospital should involve patients and carers more in making decisions about when they are ready to go home.

As a result of Healthwatch's report, the hospital piloted a new scheme; 'Ticket Home' gives a patient control of their own recovery goals, and helps them work proactively with their care team. The 'Ticket Home' acts as a visual aid to help patients and their carers work with medical staff to plan and record their steps towards being ready for home.

Hoshiar Singh, who also took part in the visit says the impact of this Enter and View visit makes him very proud,

"With the Ticket Home scheme, they get patients, carers and staff all working together at the time of discharge.

 "And that does make a difference, it means patients and carers understand, they feel their views have been taken into account, and that nothing will have been missed.

"When we found out the Trust had taken up this scheme it was very, very satisfying. Knowing that you helped to make a difference makes you feel good, as if you've done something worthwhile."

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