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Giving you a voice on health and social care

The Big Conversation - #oursaycounts

The NHS, councils, and community organisations in Bradford District and Craven are working together to plan the future of health, care and support services. 

Throughout July and August 2017, Healthwatch Bradford and District worked on behalf of local partners to create a ‘big conversation’ with local people about the future of health and social care.

We wanted to find out what mattered most to people, where there might be willingness to compromise, and what people think could be done differently in the future.

In total we had over 900 responses and contributions – thank you to everyone who took part and made their say count.

What did people say?

People shared lots of comments and ideas, not only thinking of their own needs but often wider issues and needs of the whole population. Read more or take a look at the full report.

What next?

The report is being presented to the Health and Wellbeing Board in December 2017 and being used to directly inform the local plan for the future of health and care in Bradford District and Craven.

This plan sits within the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership, which is the local Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP). You can find out more here.

We think it’s important that this project is built upon and people told us that they’re keen to be involved and informed. As future plans are developed by the Partnership there will be further engagement and consultation.

See the full report to find out more. You can also contact Healthwatch on 01535 665258 or info@healthwatchbradford.co.uk for more information.


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