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"Recall Matters" - new dental check-up intervals for people with healthy teeth

“Recall Matters” – new dental check-up intervals for people with healthy teeth

For the past four years, Healthwatch across West Yorkshire have heard stories from patients about difficulties in accessing NHS dental care. In some areas, people have found it impossible to find a dental practice taking on new NHS patients.

In August 2018, West Yorkshire Healthwatch are launching a new campaign with support from the Chief Dental Officer for England, NHS England, Public Health England and the British Dental Association. The campaign is called “Recall Matters” and works to free up NHS dental appointments for people currently without a dentist.

The idea asks for the public and dental practices to work together to ensure that check-up intervals meet the national guidance provided by National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Most people go back every 6 months but this might not be necessary. If your dentist says your teeth and mouth are healthy, you look after your teeth and have a healthy diet and lifestyle, guidelines state that dentists could be recommending longer intervals between check-ups, up to a maximum of 24 months for adults. If check-up intervals increased in line with this guidance, dentists could be freed up to treat more patients in need of appointments.

Recall Matters Leaflet - highlighting the key points of the campiagn

If the new idea works, it could potentially release thousands of dental appointments to people who do not currently have an NHS dentist.  Ask your dentist if you can go from 6 to 12 months between routine check-ups (or longer if appropriate).

Watch our video below to find out more:


Start a recall matters conversation with your dentist today.  

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