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Stroke rehabilitation, Ward F5 St Luke's

Key Findings

  • Excellent care and treatment on Ward F5
  • Supportive and caring staff at all levels
  • No formal mechanism to provide emotional support to stroke survivors
  • Mixed views on involvement and communication on discharge planning
  • Not all patients get the right information upon discharge

The Enter and View visit was an opportunity to explore patient experience of inpatient stroke rehabilitation services. A team of volunteers visited the ward to talk to patients and carers, and see how the service was meeting people's needs.

Read about what they had to say in our report.

Healthwatch representatives decided to focus on the care and psychological support offered to patients during their stay on F5. Questions were prepared to gather patient’s experience of both formal and informal psychological support offered to patient and families during their stay on the Ward.

We also asked people if they felt involved in planning for discharge and ensuring the right level of support was in place to meet both physical and mental needs.

Background to our visit

The Care Quality Commission report published April 2015 highlights some concerns about staff shortages and lack of psychological therapies available across inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation wards at St. Luke’s. Healthwatch Bradford and District have recently undertaken a piece of work on behalf of the CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) to gather people’s opinions concerning the recent changes to the Hyper Acute Stroke Services across Bradford and Airedale.

Additionally, Healthwatch are currently undertaking an independent project to review the impact of support for mental health and emotional wellbeing for people who have a long term condition. This is a time limited piece of work that focuses on stroke and heart failure. Early findings and patterns emerging from the data gathered indicate a lack of support offered to address the emotional impact of stroke and connect people to after-care in the community. Our report on this work will be published soon.


Enter and View Report, Ward F5 St Luke's Hospital

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