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Giving you a voice on health and social care

What people said during The Big Conversation

People shared lots of comments and ideas, not only thinking of their own needs but often wider issues and needs of the whole population.

We heard about GP practices more often than any other aspect of health and care, particularly about access to GP appointments.

Some other common themes were:

  • Growing the focus on wellbeing and prevention, which would reduce pressure on the system
  • Protection of local services, especially GP services, emergency care, mental health services and social care support
  • Sharing of good practice, especially in primary care
  • Increasing staff levels across services
  • Innovation in care and information provision, making use of technology
  • Growing community-based services and protecting existing voluntary and community sector services, which people feel provide invaluable support.

People often raised concerns about the funding of health and care, and shared fears about central government approach to the NHS and local authorities.

We heard strongly that people would support change in health and care if there was evidence that care would be improved.

For more detail about people had to say, see the full report.

Below are visual representations of the discussions and ideas, made by graphic facilitators at the three events:

Keighley graphic

 Bradford graphic

Bingley graphic

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The Big Conversation - #oursaycounts full report

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