Our statement on Black Lives Matter

We know that many people across Bradford and District are directly affected by racism every day. We are reflecting on our role in challenging that. This is our statement on Black Lives Matters - our initial thoughts at the start of our journey

We at Healthwatch Bradford and District stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, with George Floyd, and with all those oppressed by racism. We hear you. And we will reflect on how we turn this solidarity into action. 

The disproportionate loss of life among Black and Minority Ethnic people due to Covid-19 heaps tragedy onto tragedy. We urgently need proper answers as to why this has happened, to help save lives in future. 

It is our job to ensure that the voices of people across Bradford are heard by health and care services. We need to ensure that the experiences of people of colour are understood, and where services and care fall short, that this is acted upon.   

We know we need to improve how well we reach out to BAME people across our district, as too often they are underrepresented in our work. We commit to making this a priority, starting today.

Over the next few months we will be refreshing our advisory board, and will consider how to ensure the board itself is diverse, but also how it can help us reach out to more BAME people and other underrepresented communities. 

We will continue to listen, and learn. We will strive to do better.

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