Childhood immunisations survey - have your say

Parents and carers are invited to complete our survey on childhood immunisations.
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Healthwatch Bradford and District are carrying out a survey of parents and carers in the area, to find out about your views on the childhood immunisations programme, and whether these have been affected by Covid-19. 

We would like to hear from all parents whose children have not yet received all of their immunisations. These immunisations include the vaccines (also known as jabs or shots) given to children at certain times during childhood, starting at 8 weeks. 

Your views will be anonymised and shared in a report to the NHS, to help them better understand parents' concerns and ensure that the immunisation programme is delivered in a way that reassures parents and children. 

If you would prefer to speak to someone instead of complete the survey, please email us to arrange an appointment (or to share your views by email). 

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You can find out more about the childhood immunisation programme on the pages below:

Information on immunisations from Bradford Council

NHS information on childhood immunisations

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a very difficult time for the NHS, healthcare professionals, emergency services and social care, but also for parents and patients. General Practitioners and Practice Nurses have now ensured their premises are safe for children and adults to receive routine vaccinations. I would urge all parents of young children with outstanding immunisations, as well as adults, to contact their GP practice to arrange vaccinations.”

Dr George Kassianos, National Immunisation Lead, Royal College of General Practitioners and President British Global & Travel Health Association

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