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Giving you a voice on health and social care

Healthwatch launches campaign encouraging people to give feedback on GP surgeries


Is Starts With You campaign image

Healthwatch is running a campaign called It Starts With You to encourage more people to speak up about what they think of health and social care services, including GPs, in Bradford District.

Research by Healthwatch England shows that although most people (76% of people polled) are interested in sharing their experiences with GPs to help improve services, most never have. The number one reason people gave for not giving feedback is that they simply don't know how to.
They asked people who had never spoken up before what would encourage them to share their feedback. The top four choices were:

  • Text or email reminders following a consultation (30%)
  • Visible comment boxes (28%)
  • Information on their surgery’s website (28%)
  • The option to provide feedback on an independent website (28%).

We’re calling on GPs in Bradford District to help encourage more people to speak up, by making patients aware of how valuable their views are to you, and how they can provide feedback.

Three ways to encourage more feedback

  1. Remind patients that you want to hear their views on the care you provide and that any suggestions for improvements are welcome
  2. Raise awareness of the number of ways patients can provide confidential feedback to you, for example via a comments box, email, text, or by speaking to us at Healthwatch Bradford
  3. Share on social media the difference that patient feedback has made to you in your career using #ItStartsWithYou


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