Manager - Neil Bolton-Heaton

Neil Bolton-Heaton - Manager

Neil joined Healthwatch Bradford and District in September 2018. Neil has worked across the health, social care and social enterprise sectors at both operational and strategic level. Neil is passionate about quality service experience and in ensuring voice and representation in the design, development and delivery of services. Neil manages the Healthwatch Bradford and District team.

01535 665258

Paula - Healthwatch Bradford team member

Paula Smith - Service Coordinator

Paula joined Healthwatch Bradford and District in February 2017.  She has worked for the NHS for 14 years and has a wealth of experience.  Paula’s role is to effectively engage with the public. She is committed to deliver on Healthwatch Bradford and District vision statement, working towards a society in which people’s health and social care needs are heard, understood and met.  This resonates with her and she is keen to empower people to hold services accountable

01535 612507

Lucy Clews - Communications and Insight Officer

Lucy Clews - Communications & Insight Officer

Lucy joined the team in December 2018. Lucy raises awareness of Healthwatch Bradford and District, so that people know what we do, how they can speak to us and and when there are opportunties to support our work.  She manages and reports on data, so that when people share their experiences, it informs service quality improvement. Lucy is committed to educating and empowering the public to self-care, access services and help vulnerable people in their community.

01535 612 503

Alan Walsh - Engagement Officer

Alan Walsh - Engagement Officer

Alan joined the team in May 2019. Alan has worked for the Healthwatch network since 2014, in varying roles across the country. Alan coordinates the Enter & View programme and supports our wider Engagement Programme to ensure that the public are telling us about their experiences of NHS services in the area.

01535 612 504

Sara Firth - Engagement Officer

Sara Firth - Engagement Officer

Sara joined the team in July 2019. She believes that receiving comments from patients and the public is an effective tool in getting services right. Sara values positive and negative feedback on services. She feels that when experiences are used in a meaningful way by service commissioners and providers, they can inform and shape services and improve their quality. 

 01535 665 258