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New mental wellbeing strategy launched for Bradford district and Craven


A new strategy for mental wellbeing in Bradford district and Craven has been published. The plan covers the strategic priorities for the next five years and is for all ages.

They say:

“Our ambition locally was to develop a strategy that took an all age, life-course approach with a strong focus on tackling the things that can cause mental health problems and intervening early.

"This strategy is for everyone. First and foremost it is for people who use these services and their carers. It is also for people who buy services on behalf of the local population (the commissioners) and those who provide both mental health services and physical health. We have been aspirational in terms of the vision for change that is set out in the strategy, but are realistic that given the financial constraints placed on both health and social care at the current time, that these aspirations may take longer to achieve.”


Victoria Simmons, manager of Healthwatch Bradford, spoke to The Telegraph and Argus about the strategy. She said:

"Attitudes to mental health are slowly beginning to change for the better, with people talking more openly about their experiences, and a general acknowledgement of the need for ‘parity of esteem’ between physical and mental health.

“At the same time, Healthwatch is hearing from people across the District that mental health is an area where improvements need to be made in a range of areas; from improving access to talking therapies for children and young people, or providing support  to people with autistic spectrum conditions, through to crisis support and acute inpatient care.

“Healthwatch welcome the new strategy, and its ambition for improving the mental health and wellbeing of our population. Developing services in partnership with people who use them, and really understanding the needs of local communities, will lead to better outcomes and experiences for people - Healthwatch hope that this strategy will prove to be the starting point for this improvement.”

Read the full strategy.


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