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New West Yorkshire and Harrogate CONNECT service accepting Eating Disorder patient referrals


There is a new specialist community eating disorders service for adults across West Yorkshire and Harrogate. The service is called CONNECT and was launched in April 2018.

CONNECT aims to provide equitable access to NHS care for adults with eating disorders across the West Yorkshire and Harrogate area – something that had not been in place until its launch.

“CONNECT offers the option of home-based treatment and early intervention to everyone across West Yorkshire and Harrogate - previously only available to patients from the Leeds area,” says Dr Rhys Jones, Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead for the new CONNECT service.

“Patients, their families and carers consistently tell us that they prefer community or home-based treatment and evidence shows us that home-based treatment has better outcomes and reduces the need for lengthy hospital admissions.”

Referrals to CONNECT can only be made by an appropriate healthcare professional. To make a referral, visit the CONNECT website and use the referral form under Referrals and Admission. Please email completed copies to connectreferrals.lypft@nhs.net

Referral criteria at a glance

We accept referrals from people over 18 years old who:

  • Have a suspected diagnosis of moderate/severe Anorexia Nervosa
  • Have a suspected diagnosis of severe Bulimia Nervosa
  • Have a suspected atypical eating disorder and they are pregnant, have type 1 Diabetes Mellitus or present with clinical symptoms indicating a high level of risk

Full referral criteria and information for referring clinicians can be found on the website.



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