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PASC Complaints and Clinical Incidents in the NHS report


The House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee's has published their report into 'Investigating Clinical Incidents in the NHS', which can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/1BPGXHG

The report highlights issues with the complaints system and calls for the establishment of a national body to investigate medical accidents in England, saying that the service is needed because of the scale of problems in the NHS.

Anna Bradley, Chair of Healthwatch England, said: "All across the country we hear from patients and concerned relatives who are angry and frustrated at how their complaints have been dealt with. The system is too complex, too slow and doesn't give people what they want. We therefore fully support the committee's calls to simplify the system and to make this a priority for the next government.

"We also need to ensure that where people want to raise concerns about the way they or a loved one has been treated, that they have the right information and the support to make their voices heard. Without a well-publicised and easy to use advocacy service, many thousands of incidents of poor care will continue to go unreported.

"Ultimately we want to see hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes learning from their mistakes and showing those affected, as well as the broader public, how they are changing things as a result. This principle needs to be embedded across the whole health and social care system, so that no matter where someone lives or what service they have used, their complaint receives a compassionate and positive resolution."


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