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Giving you a voice on health and social care

What would you do?

What would you do to improve health and care services in Bradford and District? 

Take the survey by 3 May 2019 when consulation closes. It is anonymous and is quick to do. 

To request a paper copy of the survey, please contact us.

If you are able, please download our campaign poster and share it on social media or print it to display in your workplace.

What is the Long Term Plan?

Health and care leaders, frontline health and care staff, patient groups and experts came together to produced a ten-year plan.  It was published in January 2019 and aims to transform the health service over the next 10 years into one that is fit for the future, sustainable and where taxpayers’ investment is used effectively. The plan includes:

  • Making it easier for people to access support closer to home and via technology

  • Doing more to help people stay well

  • Providing better support for people with cancer, mental health conditions, heart and lung diseases, long-term conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis, learning disabilities and autism, and for people as they get older and experience conditions such as dementia.

  • Tackling conditions that affect children and young people.

You can read more about the Long Term Plan, take a look at this easy read or listen to the audio version.

Why does sharing my views matter?

West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership will be responsible for producing a 5-year local plan, which will set out how to deliver the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan in our district.  We need to hear from you about what would make health and care services better where you live. 

Still have questions about our campaign? Read our FAQ


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